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yooBee in Retail

Supermarkets, Retail Stores & Shopping Malls

By tracking customer trajectories & dwell-time, yooBee offers insights in your store's layout and performance. With product finding or call-for-assistance the customer experience can be enhanced significantly. 


yooBee in Smart Buildings

Mobile meeting room reservation, dynamic workspace selection, occupancy monitoring, or usage-based maintenance and cleaning can make offices and buildings "smart".


yooBee in Large Venues

Indoor navigation in airports and large public spaces, monitoring of attraction queues in theme parks, booth attendance at large exhibits gets a better experience with yooBee.


yooBee in Care

yooBee enables wander detection for people with dementia, localizing medical equipment or wheelchairs in hospitals, nurse-call from wherever you are and agression notification.


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yooBee Sensors


trackers updated every sec


yooBee gives you the best possible "indoor blue dot on a map"! This blue dot is the basis of many solutions in various markets.

In Retail, yooBee tracks shopping carts or baskets to analyze the shopping behaviour of supermarket customers, or to evaluate the layout of the store. But customers with smartphones can use product finding or enjoy proximity promotions. A great feature in physical "brick-and-mortar" stores is the call-for-assistance, enabled by yooBee. In shopping malls or large stores, the child locator can be of great help to shopping parents.

In Senior care, yooBee enables solutions like wander, exit and fall detection, mobile nurse call, well-being and loneliness assessment. 

Inside Hospitals, tracking of medical equipment and wheelchairs, patient tracking and mobile nurse call become possible with yooBee, while also navigation can be offered to visitors.

In Schools and even on the school bus, yooBee can guarantee the kids' presence in the classroom or on the bus.

At Airports, navigation to the gate, the closest restrooms or shops can be offered to travelers. Or luggage carts can be tracked to be collected and redistributed.

Inside Offices, yooBee enables features like meeting room reservation, desk occupancy analysis, team interaction monitoring, etc.

How to get started?

We advise you on the required hardware ...

We provide you with customized price information...  if you

  • Tell us if you are an end-user, a system integrator, a value added reseller, ...
  • Send us a description of your indoor environment
  • Give us information on your use case(s)
  • Let us know if you are locating people or assets, and using smartphones or active asset trackers? 
  • Send us an accurate floorplan (PDF, PNG, JPG) and at least one distance between 2 walls

BlooLoc will come back to you asap, with information and a proposal.

Get started

A flexible API and open platform for easy integration in your system

As "developers in heart and soul", BlooLoc has designed its API with extreme care for readability, clarity and usefulness. We are always open for any suggestions to improve this API accessibility and functionality, so we can support all developers that want to integrate it in their apps.

yooBee, "Best-in-Class" Indoor Localization

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Easy to install

yooBee infrastructure is easy to install (no wiring and minimal cabling). 

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Cost-effective, with option for "Positioning as a Service" business model (no CapEx)!

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BLE for smartphones and asset trackers, sensor fusion and machine learning for accurate localization and flexible API for easy integration.

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No battery replacements in sensors (installed infrastructure) and lifetime of 2 to 5 years for trackers.