About yooBee

What is yooBee?

"yooBee" is the name for the indoor positioning and asset tracking solution of BlooLoc. The name is derived from the Latin "ubi", which means "where". yooBee consists of hardware devices (infrastructure to be installed and tracker devices), software (API and SDKs) and services for indoor positioning of smartphones and tracking of people or assets.

Unique Selling Proposition 

  • Versatile: the combination of smartphone positioning and asset tracking with the same BLE infrastructure of sensors and gateways to the cloud.
  • Easy installation: no cabling required for the yooBee sensors, the installation of yooBee basestations and sensors is straightforward and does not require any fingerprinting
  • Low maintenance: no battery replacements required for the yooBee sensors
  • Energy harvesting: yooBee sensors harvest energy from direct sunlight or light fixtures
  • Various form-factors: yooBee trackers are provided in various form factors, like keyfob, wrist tag or badge
  • Accuracy: sensor fusion of BLE RSSI values, inertial sensor data and floorplan information results in an accuracy where 80% of the measurements is below 1 meter. For rolling assets an accuracy of 40cm can be obtained. 
  • Modulate accuracy as needed: the accuracy of yooBee can me modulated by the density of sensor deployment
  • On-line status monitoring: the status (battery level, charging current, temperature, connectivity, communication quality) of all yooBee devices is monitored on-line
  • Auto-calibration: yooBee adapts automatically to changes in the indoor environment through machine learning
  • Cost-effective: yooBee hardware and operational use fees are cost effective in relation to all advantages and features they bring. Positioning as a Service (PoaS) can be offered as an option.
  • Private server option: yooBee engine can be installed on a private data center or server if the customer requires this for security or confidentiality reasons
  • Open platform for easy integration: API (cloud SDK) that gives access to JSON data stream, mobile SDKs available for integration in mobile native apps

Comparison of yooBee with competing solutions