BlooLoc settles in Dubai

Dubai is BlooLoc's hub to offer smart location based services to the Middle East 

Dubai (United Arab Emirates) is a great location to settle for BlooLoc to offer location based services based on indoor positioning. BlooLoc's intention is to smarten locations like conference halls, logistic warehouses, supermarkets, hospitals, entertainment theme parks, hotel resorts, etc. based on accurate positioning of people or assets. Services include smartphone based navigation to stores in large shopping malls, navigation for visitors in exhibits and conference events, etc.


BlooLoc's contact in Dubai

Filip De Vos is BlooLoc's direct contact in Dubai. He is able to explain you the advantages and "wins" of indoor location based services, whether it is in retail, logistics, healthcare, entertainment, conferences, or other. Take the challenge to ask him how to "Smarten your Location" and we'll do business together!