What can yooBee do for Care?

Care providers are facing an increasing number of patients or residents. They are challenged by the pressure to provide high-quality, timely and efficient care at always higher costs, while simultaneously striving to attract patients or residents and be recognized for the excellent care they provide.

Indoor Positioning & Tracking Systems have shown to be instrumental in helping care organizations to successfully address these challenges, while improving the quality of care, optimizing the workflow to shorten the throughput of patients and reducing the capital expenditure for highly-performant and technological equipment.

Indoor positioning and asset tracking can play a major role in healthcare environments like hospitals and senior care residences. yooBee enables features like nurse-call, wander, slip and fall detection, medical equipment finding or navigation of visitors to the right hospital department or patient room.


Mobile Nurse-call

Various nurse-call systems exist, but these are usually linked to the room of the patient or senior resident. It usualy has a red button, and is wired to the wall, at the bedside, next to the toilet or shower.

With its Wrist Tracker yooBee provides a solution to let a person call a nurse at any place he or she is. This is the mobile nurse-call feature. The button-push is captured by the yooBee sensors and an acknowledgement is sent to the person to indicate that the call has been registered. A notification will then be sent to the nearest nurse or staff member. 

As the yooBee Wrist Tracker has NFC built-in, the call request can be accepted by the medical staff member through contact with their mobile device, allowing to register response time statistics to mobile nurse-calls.


Wander detection - Exit prevention

It can happen that seniors show exit behaviour or get up in the middle of the night, leave their room and start wandering around in the corridors, entering the room of another resident, etc. The combination of the senior wearing a yooBee Wrist Tracker and geofencing techniques provides a great solution to notify the staff that the senior has left his/her room and is wandering.

Geofencing could also automatically lock doors, preventing the senior to exit.


Medical equipment tracking

Hospitals are large institutions and it is often difficult to locate portable equipment, when they need it. Tracking equipment, such as ICU ventilators and intravenous pumps, can save time and money, and reduce equipment theft or accidental loss.

Estimates indicate that hospitals will purchase 20%-25% more portable equipment than actually required for operational needs, so that staff may find at least one when they need it. With less equipment purchased, obviously the capital expenditure is lower, but also reduction in cost of depreciation, storage and maintenance.

By tracking medical equipment, staff will spend less time looking for it, thus increasing work efficiency and productivity and leaving more time available for patients, increasing the quality of care.

Furthermore, tracking medical equipment helps to find the right device when a technician comes for maintenance, and compliance with regulations regarding proper disinfections between uses by different patients can be monitored.

Cloud API

yooBee positioning or tracking data are accessible through the yooBee Cloud SDK, which is a comprehensive set of software services to make your applications location-aware, or to add location data to your Big Data analytics platform. It is available in the Cloud, but can also be installed in a private Cloud. It is optimized to simultaneously track a large number of Tags & Smartphones, and is protected end-to-end by state-of-the-art security protocols (OAuth2, SSL, HTTPS).

The yooBee positioning engine generates a stream of JSON data, based on a format that is defined and documented in the yooBee SDK documentation.

Furthermore, Mobile SDKs are available (Android and iOS) for seamless integration in native apps.

yooBee SDK documentation


Accurate indoor positioning using Sensor Fusion

BlooLoc's yooBee engine solves the indoor positioning problem by sensor fusion of multiple data sources such as RF radio signals (Bluetooth Low Energy), inertial sensor data and floorplan information.

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