Indoor Navigation in Large Public Venues

GPS-based car navigation has become common sense for everybody now. Nowadays, indoor navigation on smartphones is increasingly gaining interest, certainly in large public areas like airports, train or metro-stations, large shopping centers, conference exhibitions, museums, etc.

Airports are a perfect example of a large public venue with a huge complexity, where travelers have to find their way under time pressure. When you have to make it to your connecting gate in time, yooBee knows the shortest distance, the queueing time at the security check and can tell you when you should proceed to the gate for boarding. If you need to find the closest ATM machine or restrooms, yooBee will guide you there. All of this gives you peace of mind to relax, shop and dine at the airport without stress.

Shopping malls are another example of venues with overwhelming dimensions. Finding the stores of your interest, with promotions at the day you visit the mall and that following the "ideal trajectory" isn't a challenge anymore when guided by yooBee.

yooBee indoor navigation can be implemented based on existing WiFi infrastructure, extended where needed with standard iBeacons or with the solar powered yooBee Sensors.


Guarding children in Schools, Theme Parks or kids clubs

yooBee offers parents the perfect system to guard their children in large theme parks or kids clubs, giving the peace of mind to relax and enjoy the park. Kids have to wear a yooBee wrist tracker and parents can link the tracker to the theme park smartphone app that will visualize where the kids are. 

Dynamic geofencing can be implemented, such that parents will get a notification as soon as one of their kids gets out of their proximity too far.

Making sure that kids arrive in school and stay on the property (not being kidnapped or run away) as well as checking if there are still children present somewhere in the school before locking the school down in the evening, is another application of yooBee's unique solution.


Navigation and flow analysis at large events

Large events, like concerts, conferences and exhibitions can be so complex that visitors struggle with keeping their current location and orientation. With yooBee indoor navigation such visitors can not only find their current position, but can also search for Points-of-Interest and reach selected locations via the shortest route. 

Conference organizers can apply flow analysis of visitors with a yooBee badge or smartphone navigation app, to allocate the staff according to area occupancy, to prevent occasional overflow and crowding of certain areas or to identify bottlenecks and improve the layout of future events. Moreover they can offer exhibitors an evaluation of their booth success and popularity. 


Asset Tracking at large venues

Airports face the problem of collecting and redistributing the luggage carts that travelers take almost everywhere (including the parking areas). They have to hire a team to go and find these luggage carts, or put a coin-slot on it so travelers will be motivated to return the cart after use.

With yooBee trackers in the carts and trolleys, you will at all times know where those carts are and can send out the team to collect and redistributre them with much more efficiency.

A similar situation occurs with wheelchairs in shopping centers, large public spaces and hospitals..

Cloud API

yooBee positioning or tracking data are accessible through the yooBee Cloud SDK, which is a comprehensive set of software services to make your applications location-aware, or to add location data to your Big Data analytics platform. It is available in the Cloud, but can also be installed in a private Cloud. It is optimized to simultaneously track a large number of Tags & Smartphones, and is protected end-to-end by state-of-the-art security protocols (OAuth2, SSL, HTTPS).

The yooBee positioning engine generates a stream of JSON data, based on a format that is defined and documented in the yooBee SDK documentation.

Furthermore, Mobile SDKs are available (Android and iOS) for seamless integration in native apps.

yooBee SDK documentation


Accurate indoor positioning using Sensor Fusion

BlooLoc's yooBee engine solves the indoor positioning problem by sensor fusion of multiple data sources such as RF radio signals (Bluetooth Low Energy), inertial sensor data and floorplan information.

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