What can yooBee do for Retail?

Indoor positioning and asset tracking can contribute significantly in the battle of brick-and-mortar stores with on-line shops, as it has the advantage of physical contact with the customer. yooBee enables features like "Call-for-Assistance" and "Product Finding" or "Shopping List based Navigation", which enhance the shopping experience.

Furthermore, with smartphone apps that trigger for nearby promotions, with proximity couponing or with gamification and new presence-based loyalty systems, higher customer engagement is created.

By tracking shopping carts or baskets, the customer journey and trajectory through the store can be analyzed, resulting in heatmaps, dwell time analysis, store layout optimization, finding best locations for promotion stands or second placements, etc. which will definitely boost your store's performance!


Call for Assistance

Brick-and-mortar stores have one very important advantage compared to on-line stores: they can offer a customer prompt assistance by a real person, where and when the customer needs it. In most stores however, a customer has to queue and wait until the next sales person becomes available, avoiding that others crawl in the line, which often gives frustrations. Finally, impatience leads to missed sales...

With yooBee-enabled Call-for-Assistance customers get assistance where they need it, and only when they need it. This way the customer can enjoy his shopping journey, while waiting for the assistance at the spot anywhere in the store, where the sales person will find him or her. This will lead to more conversions, up- and cross-sales opportunities and less missed sales.


PromoWink: mobile app

PromoWink is a location-based feature that can be integrated into a store brand app. When a customer enters the store, PromoWink shows where the promotions of that day are situated in the store and can guide the customer there. 

Moreover, a customer can enter a list of favorite brands and products in the store brand app, and when he is doing his normal groceries shopping, PromoWink wil give him a notification when he passes a promotion of one of his favorites products.

An important advantage is that PromoWink is non-obtrusive and discrete, operates in the background and even works with the smartphone in the back pocket or purse.



What is my store's performance?

Most store owners evaluate their store's performance and success purely based on POS-data and profit monitoring. However, studies have shown that "basket value" can be increased by keeping the customer longer in the store. Retailers would like to know how their customers stroll through the store, where most of them stop and pass by, how the location of product categories can influence the shopping behavior.

We believe it is very important to respect privacy, and therefore avoid camera-based systems to to this analysis. Tracking shopping carts and baskets with yooBee trackers can be done completely anonymous and gives the retailer accurate information of the customers journey, movement and dwell-time in the store.


Heatmaps and Path Analysis

Customer movement analytics provides you with a detailed view of how exactly customers utilize the shopping area, how they interact with the product zones and the store‚Äôs layout in general. Customer flow is precisely tracked by yooBee and analysed in real-time. 

Heatmaps show hotspots (these are areas where customers stop for a longer time) and dead zones while path analysis gives an idea of the most popular aisles and the length of the trajectories.


Cloud API

yooBee positioning or tracking data are accessible through the yooBee Cloud SDK, which is a comprehensive set of software services to make your applications location-aware, or to add location data to your Big Data analytics platform. It is available in the Cloud, but can also be installed in a private Cloud. It is optimized to simultaneously track a large number of Tags & Smartphones, and is protected end-to-end by state-of-the-art security protocols (OAuth2, SSL, HTTPS).

The yooBee positioning engine generates a stream of JSON data, based on a format that is defined and documented in the yooBee SDK documentation.

Furthermore, Mobile SDKs are available (Android and iOS) for seamless integration in native apps.

yooBee SDK documentation


Accurate indoor positioning using Sensor Fusion

BlooLoc's yooBee engine solves the indoor positioning problem by sensor fusion of multiple data sources such as RF radio signals (Bluetooth Low Energy), inertial sensor data and floorplan information.

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