Desk availability in flexible office space

Several large companies offer flexible desk space to their employees, even in buildings located at different sites around the world. When you enter at such a site, it would be nice to know where your team members are or where is a quiet corner, and which desks are still available. yooBee can flawlessly navigate you to the right spot and save you and your colleagues valuable time every day.

Analysis of yooBee data helps you to optimize the utilization of the facilities. E.g. part of a floor and corresponding HVAC can be closed down based on the data. 


Meeting Room Reservation

Looking for a free meeting room? yooBee shows you all available meeting rooms close to where you are and saves you and your team the time to walk to several rooms before finding the free one

yooBee then navigates you to the selected meeting room.

When the meeting has finished and everyone has left the room, it is automatically freed up in the reservation system.

yooBee reports the actual use of rooms and facilities. Cleaning services can be based on the real and actual utilization rather than on a fixed planning. And lighting and HVAC can be switched on and off based on presence.


Access control and security

yooBee trackers have on-board NFC, which also enables access control. On the other hand, employees could put an app on their smartphone that communicates its position, which triggers doors to automatically open based on proximity. 

yooBee can guide visitors to their destination, saving time of the host or his/her assistant to pick the visitor up at the reception and accompany him or her. Also when an external technician arrives at your site to perform maintenance, he can be guided to the right location.

On the other hand, yooBee triggers an alarm if unauthorized persons enter high security zones or if a visitor wanders off his designated path.


Cloud API

yooBee positioning or tracking data are accessible through the yooBee Cloud SDK, which is a comprehensive set of software services to make your applications location-aware, or to add location data to your Big Data analytics platform. It is available in the Cloud, but can also be installed in a private Cloud. It is optimized to simultaneously track a large number of Tags & Smartphones, and is protected end-to-end by state-of-the-art security protocols (OAuth2, SSL, HTTPS).

The yooBee positioning engine generates a stream of JSON data, based on a format that is defined and documented in the yooBee SDK documentation.

Furthermore, Mobile SDKs are available (Android and iOS) for seamless integration in native apps.

yooBee SDK documentation


Accurate indoor positioning using Sensor Fusion

BlooLoc's yooBee engine solves the indoor positioning problem by sensor fusion of multiple data sources such as RF radio signals (Bluetooth Low Energy), inertial sensor data and floorplan information.

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