Support Level Agreements

Blooloc offers the following support services, depending on the level chosen.

Support Service Levels
  • Receive email support
  • Receive support for service requests up to Basic Level
  • Response within 5 business days
  • Receive tel and email support with remote assistance using online meeting software such as Skype
  • Receive support for service requests up to Advanced Level
  • Response within 2 business days
  • Remote System Monitoring Service (*)
  • On-site support, if needed
  • Customer can request a new installation of the software in case of existing system failure
  • Receive support for service requests up to Expert Level
  • Response within 1 business day

(*) Remote System Monitoring: the customer receives an email in case a system anomaly is detected, such as a basestation or sensor being offline, or a beacon or tracker battery level is low. This service is available 24/7


Installation Service

BlooLoc does not have an installation team, but can provide support (even on-site upon request) to your own internal or externally hired installation team on a fee-per-use basis (plus travel expenses).


Commissioning App (Android)

The yooBee Commissioning App (only available under Android) is used to access and to configure yooBee Trackers and infrastructure (basestations, hubs and sensors) via NFC or BLE. It is very useful during installation of the yooBee Indoor Positioning and Tracking System.

The yooBee Commissioning App can be downloaded from the website under the Admin tab of the yooBee Cloud Console.

Key Features include:

  • Get info of yooBee basestations, hubs, sensors and trackers
  • Switch on/off transport mode (deep sleep mode) of yooBee Sensors and Trackers
  • Communication via NFC with sensors and trackers and via BLE with basestations or hubs
  • Add yooBee Basestations, Hubs, Sensors and Trackers to the database
  • Bind yooBee Basestations and Sensors to symbols defined in the floorplan of the venue
  • Configure yooBee Trackers and add a description or name for what or who is tracked.