Navigation (outdoor and indoor) on a large campus

Blooloc realised a Proof of Concept for navigation of visitors on a large campus, by integrating its accurate sensor fusion positioning with Visioglobe's 3D mapping and navigation.

Navigation at Corda Campus

Corda Campus is a large innovation campus in Hasselt (Belgium) and gives access to a remarkable business community where knowledge, networking and the exchange of knowledge and ideas take centre stage. Plenty of innovative, pioneering companies and start-ups populate the campus.

In order to guide visitors to the right building on the campus, and then inside that building to the right office of the company where you have a meeting, is quite a challenge.

Combination of outdoor ánd indoor positioning

BlooLoc's accurate positioning solution "yooBee" uses sensor fusion. This implies measurements from the inertial sensors of the device (smartphone or tablet), a floorplan of the environment (both outdoor and indoor) and "positioning signals". For the outdoor environment, the solution uses GPS signals as inputs to the sensor fusion platform, once indoors the solution seamlessly switches to BLE signals from the yooBee Sensors that are installed in the building.

Integration with 3D mapping and navigation

Visioglobe ( has great tools for digital map design and navigations apps. BlooLoc and Visioglobe cooperated to integrate their solutions into a navigation app based on your actual (and accurate) position.

Proof of Concept

The video clearly illustrates the Proof of Concept that has been realised. A visitor arrives at Corda Campus for a meeting with a company. He opens an app (the campus app) and types the name of the company where his meeting will be. The app shows where the office of the company is located and shows the route to the right building. 

Once arrived at the building, a detailed map of the indoor environment is show and the navigation path continues seamlessly, guiding the visitor to the right office.

Soon this app will be integrated in a browser, and the hosting company can send you a link that brings up the navigation from your parking spot to the right office, without having to install any app.


This is by far the most accurate positioning in an indoor setting I have ever seen. The 3D map and navigation are very easy to use, intuitive and are a great guidance tool on Corda Campus.

Raf Degens
General manager at Corda Campus (Hasselt)