Safety solution for 7.000 school kids in Qatar


Holmes / DCS installed BlooLoc's yooBee infrastructure in 3 large schools in Doha (Qatar) to track about 7.000 kids and teachers. Moreover, 116 schoolbuses were equiped to automatically register the presence of kids, wearing a yooBee tag, on the bus.

Taleb Group - Schools in Qatar

The Taleb Group of Companies (TGC), incorporated in 1955 initially did business in the field of Real Estate but at this moment ventures in various fields and markets, like construction, education, healthcare, hospitality and hotels, distribution of automobiles, etc. For some of its educational institutions, the Taleb Group required a solution that could identify which kids were actually present at school, when they arrived and when they left, in which classrooms they are, to verify if they really follow the courses of their curriculum for which their parents paid the tuition fee, and finally, on which bus they are while on their way to or from school. Initially, this involved the following 3 schools: Doha Modern Indian School (DMIS), the Cambridge International School for Girls (CISG) and the Cambridge School Doha, with a total of about 7.500 kids, teachers and staff.

School safety system for unsafe situations

In response to a number of incidents throug which the safety of school kids was not sufficiently guaranteed, the Ministery of Education in Qatar postulated the installation of a solution. Three Taleb schools requested to track kids the whole day on the school bus to school, at the school and then also on the bus back home, with the goal to send parents and school management notifications in case of the occurrence of acute or less urgent unsafe situations for the kid. 

Holmes-DCS choose BlooLoc

Tjeerd Schoen, CEO of Holmes in Dubai, knew about Taleb’s need for a cost-effective and scalable solution for tracking kids in schools and on school buses. In the spring of 2016, he learned about BlooLoc’s solution and was eager to see a live demonstration. Soon after that, discussions started which also involved a local system integrator (Data Capture Systems, Dubai) and the Dutch software company and app developer MobileAgency to prepare for a joint proposal towards Taleb Group.

Kids at school

Kids wear a yooBee tracker on a lanyard. Their presence at school is registered, as well as if they are sitting in the right class room. It is also checked how often kids go to toilet, as this could indicate a disease. In the evening, when the schools close down, the system can check if there are still kids present somewhere, to avoid that they get locked up. In Qatar safety of children goes above privacy issues.

Kids on school buses

When kids get on the bus, the yooBee basestation registers their presence. Based on the central school schedule it is known which kid has to be when on which bus. If this is not the case, a notification is sent to an app that the parents have. On the way back home, parents get a notification when the bus (on which their kid is) is close to the drop-off point.


Children's Safety solution on school buses and at school

After two other very expensive RFID-based systems, installed at the Taleb schools, failed to work properly, BlooLoc was the first to deliver, install and deploy an accurate positioning solution to guarantee the safety of children from the moment they got on the bus to school, at the school and till they got of the bus on their way back home. It is a real accomplishment to be able to track 7.000 kids with a position update every second.

Tjeerd Schoen
CEO at Holmes