Why yooBee is Best-in-Class

First system designed from ground-up with the right design choices 

1. yooBee combines indoor positioning of smartphones with real-time asset tracking. We were convinced from the start that you should install one infrastructure only, that can do it all, instead of starting with iBeacons and then having to add extra (wired!) BLE receivers to implement some kind of asset tracking...

2. Install once, then keep adding solutions: e.g. a hospital may want to start tracking all its medical devices (IV pumps, heart monitors, etc) and later add tracking the patient journey or indoor navigation for its visitors, all using the same infrastructure without any need to install any extras.


The yooBee infrastructure 

1. yooBee Hubs with unprecedented BLE range: BLE was originally designed for short range communications. The extended range of the yooBee Hub enables coverage of larger areas with less equipment, so at less cost.  

2. yooBee Sensors integrate the functions and features of iBeacons and BLE receivers in one small and cost-effective device. These yooBee Sensors advertise BLE packets for smartphones, receive BLE data from yooBee Trackers and communicate in a star topology to the strongest yooBee Hub in its range.

3. yooBee Sensors were also designed with easy installation and energy harvesting in mind: these devices are battery powered and harvest energy from ambient light. When mounted under lights or oriented towards direct incoming sunlight, yooBee Sensors don't need wiring or battery replacements.


Person localization or asset tracking

BlooLoc offers a variety of yooBee Trackers, depending on your use case

1. Keyfob Tracker: a small, lightweight device that can be clipped on a shirt or worn at a lanyard. It can also be attached to assets as a sticker or keychain, or built into the handle of a shopping cart. It is powered with a replaceable coin cell battery that offers approximately 2 years lifetime.

2. Badge Tracker: this device has the size of a credit card, with a tickness of 6,8 mm. It is powered with a coin cell battery that offers approximately 5 years lifetime.

3. Wrist Tracker: is a water resistant device with the size of a watch and can be worn on the wrist. It has a clearly visible (red) alarm or panic button. It is powered with a coin cell battery that offers approximately 2 years lifetime

4. Call-for-Assistance Tracker: is a device that can be attached to a lanyard or mounted on the handle of a shopping cart. Customers in a large store can use the device by pushing the button when they require assistance. The store employee will find where the customer is in the store and will come to him/her.


Continuous innovation for best-in-class accuracy

1. yooBee uses leading edge sensor fusion and machine learning technology to achieve best-in-class accuracy.

2. yooBee's accuracy can be modulated by varying the density of the yooBee Sensors. E.g. in long corridors, it is not important to know whether someone is on the left or right side, so accuracy of a few meters is sufficient, but for office desk/seat occupancy the accuracy needs to be lower than 1m.

3. yooBee can track forklifts or shopping carts with 40cm accuracy! By attaching a miniature sensor in a wheel, yooBee achieves a positioning error less than 40cm in 80% of the measurements for equipment on wheels. That level of accuracy is unprecedented for a BLE based system and was till now only achievable with more expensive AoA or UWB systems. 

4. yooBee analyses in real-time the accuracy you get. As part of a unique sign-off procedure, the position measurements are compared to the actual position as determined by a special purpose device. While moving through your site, the position errors are processed and CDF (Cummulative Distribution Function) error curves are generated in real-time.


Positioning as a Service (PoaS)

Our standard business model is based on two revenue streams: on the one hand there is a one-time fee to purchase all hardware and on the other hand there is an annual use fee, that covers the cloud hosting service, access to the cloud console, the use of the SDKs and API access, as well as a fee for computing a new position every second of each person or asset being tracked.

But we are also prepared to rent our yooBee hardware and positioning or tracking solutions for a certain period in time. In this case, you don't have to purchase the yooBee hardware and BlooLoc stays the owner, but you pay a monthly fee (for a minimum agreed period) for this Positioning Service, as long as you need it.


On-line device monitoring and updating

1. On-line system and device status monitoring gives you at any time information on the battery status and temperature of devices, as well as charging state of yooBee Sensors. If lights are broken, this can be detected by the gradually decreasing voltage level of the Sensor, because it cannot recharge its battery. Even if such a Sensor goes down because of too low battery level, yooBee will not go down, only its accuracy may degrade gracefully in the proximity of this idle Sensor.

2. Firmware updates are done "over-the-air" through the yooBee Hubs to all devices (yooBee Sensors and yooBee Trackers) in its range.


Scalability and robustness bring yooBee to Excellence Level

1. yooBee has been carefully designed to scale up from 10 to 100,000 users. Just by adding servers in the cloud, BlooLoc can guarantee that the response time for your 100,000th user is as good as for the first one!

2. yooBee has been designed for scaling up from a proof-of-concept in a few stores to a full blown roll-out in the chain, even internationally. 

3. A shopping mall may start with an indoor navigation app, covering the main corridors and traffic flows. But then later, some stores may get interested to add indoor positioning or asset tracking inside their premises. By simply installing additional yooBee Sensors in the store and adding the store floorplan details to the venue, the indoor location-aware services will be extended to the individual stores upon their need and request only.


Open yooBee platform creates strong eco-system of developer partners

BlooLoc has full focus on offering an open platform that provides the best "blue dot on an indoor map". What to do with the blue dot, is up to developer partners. These could be system integrators, app developers, value added resellers, solution providers, etc. each operating in a specific market and offering end solutions to end users like supermarkets, retail stores, hospitals, senior care residences, etc.

We believe that building a strong eco-system of developers is beneficial to the end customers and to our network of partners. 

The yooBee API provides JSON web-services for accessing configuration & status information, historical location results, or streams live location updates of tags or smartphones. 


yooBee Cloud SDK on your private cloud ?

The yooBee Cloud SDK is a comprehensive set of software services to make your applications location-aware, or to add location data to your big data analytics platform. It is optimized to simultaneously track a large number of Tags & Smartphones and runs by default on servers hosted in the cloud. It is protected end-to-end by state-of-the-art security protocols (OAuth2, SSL, HTTPS).

If you are concerned about data leaving your company or intranet, we can port this configuration to your internal data center. In this case, you will be responsible for purchasing and maintaining your own servers and providing us VPN access to configure and regularly update our yooBee positioning software. This service will be provided under a specific Support Level Agreement.