yooBee Hardware

Basestation and Hub

The yooBee Basestation and yooBee Hub are devices that act as a gateway between all yooBee devices (sensors and trackers) in their range and the yooBee Cloud Server. The yooBee Basestation typically covers an area of 400-600 m2, depending on the occurance of walls and obstructions that attenuate the signal and decrease range. The yooBee Hub on the other side, has an unprecedented BLE range such that it covers from 600 m2 to even 1.000 m2 areas (in open spaces).

These gateway devices communicate via BLE with yooBee devices on one side and with the cloud server via Ethernet or WiFi. The yooBee Hub has also a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection and a 3G/4G connectivity mode. Both collect and forward data from the yooBee sensors and trackers and handle the registration and roaming of these devices in their range.

The yooBee Basestation and yooBee Hub are remotely managed for configuration, over-the-air firmware updates and for monitoring the RF communication quality and the status of all yooBee devices (battery level, charging state, temperature, etc).



yooBee Sensors are smart BLE devices that provide location references for the yooBee indoor positioning and tracking system: they send BLE reference packets to smartphones (like iBeacons) but also measure the RSSI of the signals received from yooBee Trackers in their range. Furthermore, they send all received data from the yooBee trackers to the yooBee Basestation or Hub in which range they are.

yooBee Sensors are powered by a solar panel and rechargeable battery. When fully charged this battery has a lifetime of 1-2 months. They are ideally mounted under lamps using a flat bracket, or to windows with direct incoming sunlight using suction cup tape. Alternatively, sensors can be powered or charged through the micro USB port. 

yooBee Sensors feature NFC for identification and commissioning purposes and a Multicolor LED for user feedback. They are remotely managed through the cloud console for configuration, over-the-are updates, battery status and charge current monitoring, and RF communication quality.



yooBee Trackers are available in various formats: keyfob, badge, wrist, hanger, clips, etc. They can be used to locate and track people or assets with an accuracy of 1-2 meter. The trackers are small, lightweight devices that are spatter-free and are powered with a coin cell battery that offers a lifetime of approximately 2 years (keyfob, wrist) to even 5 years (badge). They go into deep-sleep mode as soon as they are immobile for more than 1 minute.

Only the keyfob tracker can be opened to replace the battery, the other require a new casing after battery change. yooBee Trackers feature NFC for identification or access control, a push button to signal alarms or call for assistance, a multicolor LED for user feedback and inertial sensors (accelero, magneto).

yooBee Trackers are remotely managed through the cloud console for configuration, over-the-air updates, battery status monitoring and event logging.